Here our the services we currently offer, either in your own office or home, day or night evening.

Recover important and sentimental files that have been lost or deleted.
Did you forget to backup and now can’t access the files you really need? Can you really afford to spend time retyping all those documents?

Backup all your important and sentimental files.
What would you do if your computer system was stolen or failed completely? Could you continue doing business? Do you have all those digital photographs safely stored elsewhere?

Fine tune, clean and upgrade your current systems for a new lease of life.
Can’t understand why your system is running so slowly? Would you like it running as fast or even faster than the day it was new?

Speed test and fine tune your high-speed internet connection.
Does your internet disconnect without warning? Is your connection slow? Maybe you hear noise on your telephone line?

Install and secure your wireless broadband installation.
Want to connect to the internet without all the cables? Wondering why your wireless just seems to come and go? How about using your laptop at the far end of your property? Just how many of your neighbours can access your computer systems wirelessly?

Virus and Spyware Removal and Prevention.
Is your computer system secure? Are you afraid to make credit card transactions or do your banking online? Tired of constantly closing pop up ads?

Maintenance and Support Contracts. Want to keep your computers constantly running smoothly? How much time can you afford to spare waiting for them?

Free Advice and Recommendations.
Want to know if you really need to spend money on a new computer? What should you be looking for in a new laptop? Should you buy the wireless printer or the one with the built in copier?

If these issues sound familiar or you want help with something else why not give us a call, we may be able to help.